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Aptana php.Configure PHP development environment using Aptana (or Eclipse) and XDebug on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

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The practice of PHP… And more!.Configuring Aptana to connect MySql databases


Nov 11,  · Aptana Studio can edit PHP files and edit HTML documents. Aptana Studio on bit and bit PCs This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (bit and bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC /5(5). Using Aptana is great but having to constantly switch to PhpMyadmin to check Mysql table structures can be tiring (even if [CMD + TAB] or [CTRL + TAB] makes it a bit easier). It may then be useful to configure a MySql connection in Aptana. This post will tackle . As with most full-blown IDE, Aptana studio also has the ability to preview server-side scripting language such as PHP without you having to use your web browser. Before your PHP code can be interpreted and rendered appropriately, you need a web server such Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.


Aptana php.Aptana Studio – Download

Oct 04,  · Aptana Studio is one of the most comprehensive tools in the free Web editor market. Though its primary function is as an Ajax development environment, it is equally adept at working with PHP, Ruby, Rails,.Net, Titanium, PyDev (Python, Jython, Iron Python). Using Aptana is great but having to constantly switch to PhpMyadmin to check Mysql table structures can be tiring (even if [CMD + TAB] or [CTRL + TAB] makes it a bit easier). It may then be useful to configure a MySql connection in Aptana. This post will tackle . Aug 02,  · Before we actually start working on our new Laravel application, let’s set up our PHP development environment in Ubuntu/Linux Mint. We’ll develop using the Aptana IDE (integrated development environment), which is a web development-specific version of Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.
How To Set Up PHP Server For Aptana Studio IDE
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How To Set Up PHP Server For Aptana Studio IDE
Configuring Aptana to connect MySql databases
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The actual version of Java is not too important, as long as it is 1. Alternately, you can install Java 6 from the Ubuntu repository, but I recommend using the latest version unless you have a specific need for an earlier version, such as application compatibility.

See the man page for the update-alternatives command. After Java is installed, run java -version in the Terminal again to make sure it is working correctly. Now we need to install the XDebug PHP extension to help us with debugging and troubleshooting when we are developing our application with Laravel.

XDebug allows you to pause the execution of your code to check the internal values of variables and even change them! Ubuntu has relatively recent versions of XDebug, so we can simply install from the repositories:. You should see something like:. However, for some reason, Aptana Eclipse does not recognize the default values of the other settings, so we must set them explicitly.

See the XDebug settings documentation for details. After these preliminaries, we are ready to install the Aptana IDE. From the Aptana web site , download the Linux installation package. Make sure that you download the correct version bit or bit for your Linux distribution. Extract the archive file and install the application.

I use the handy dtrx utility, which is available in the Ubuntu repositories, to extract the file, since it automatically handles a variety of archive types without remembering all of the different commands and parameters!

By default, Aptana uses its internal web browser, but I prefer to use Firefox. You may prefer Chromium or another browser; if so, just adjust these instructions accordingly. Select the Use external web browser option and then click on Firefox or your preferred browser!

You can click on Edit… button to confirm that it is the brower that you expect and enter any command line parameters, such as a specific Firefox configuration, if desired. You can leave the other settings with their defaults.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of the power and capabilities of Aptana and Eclipse. I recommend looking for other resources on the Internet.

Most any article or utility that you find for Eclipse will apply equally to Aptana. Aptana is simply a customized configuration of Eclipse which focuses on web development. Eclipse was originally created as an IDE for Java development and programming. For example, most of the plugins on the Eclipse Marketplace and especially those in the Web category will work just fine in Aptana.

The Eclipse site has has good information about how to install plugins, both from the Marketplace and other third-party sources. The Project Explorer on the left of the Aptana screen will now list Project1.

When prompted, name the file TestFile1. Change the contents of the file to:. After you save the file, choose Run Debug Configurations… from the menus.

Choose XDebug for the Server Debugger. For Initial Script , browse for the TestFile1. For convenience, I like to show the debug configurations in the Aptana menus, so navigate to the Common tab and check enable Debug in the Display in favorites menu section. Press Apply to save this debug configuration. We can now actually run the debugger to ensure that it is working. Press Debug button in Debug Configurations window. This is fine, since we intentionally choose to use port instead of , so you can check enable Do not warn me again and press Proceed.

Press Yes and Aptana will modify the display to show a Debug tab and some variables windows more about those later!

You will notice a very small blue arrow on line 2 and that this line is highlighted. Likewise, in the Debug tab, it will show TestFile1.

Even though you did not explicitly set a breakpoint, you will recall that above we checked enabled the Break at First Line option.

This is a nice way to ensure that the debugger properly launches. This is normal, since the Aptana debugger has paused the execution of the script on the breakpoint. The Debug tab will show that the session terminated, which is normal, since the script completed successfully. Likewise, the output of the script will be written to the web browser window. Aptana will leave you in the Debug perspective. If you have a problem with your configuration, the web browser will likely display your TestFile.

In the lower right corner of Aptana on the status line, you should see a message Launching PHP XDebug with a percentage and a progress indicator. Next to it will be a button that looks like a stack of windows with the tool tip Show background operations in Progress view. Click this button and wait for the Progress tab to be shown. Press the red square button Cancel Operation to the right of it to abort the launch of the debugger.

Check your LAMP set up and Aptana debugger configuration settings to ensure that they are correct and then try again. See you then! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. To use Aptana or Eclipse , we must have Java installed on our system.

In most cases, Java will already be installed, but just to confirm that you have it, run this command in the Terminal: java -version You should see something similar to this in response to the command: java version “1. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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