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Avast full virus scan time.Avast Antivirus: Scanning your PC for Viruses

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Avast full virus scan time.Free Virus Scanner and Removal Tool


We’re not just talk.How to make the Full System Scan 6x faster in 10 days


May 07,  · As the title says, when i scan my computer with avast, it gets to around 10%, then it suddenly jumps to 80% within a very short period of time, it then reaches % complete within a Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Download our free virus scanner and remover. There’s no better way to find and destroy viruses than Avast Free Antivirus. And at the low, low price of $0, it’d be costlier not to have it protecting you. DOWNLOAD FREE ANTIVIRUS. Get it for Android, iOS, Mac. DOWNLOAD FREE ANTIVIRUS. Get it for iOS, Android, PC/5. Mar 03,  · I always do a full scan of my computer Fridays and since the 17’th of Feb the time to complete the full scan has increased by % from about 53 minutes to 1 hour and 53 minutes. The amount of folders, files and data is pretty much the same so whatever is causing this seems to be in the latest version (s) of Avast!


Avast full virus scan time.How to adjust settings for Virus Scans in Avast Antivirus | Avast

Nov 13,  · Time Needed: 3 minutes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure a scheduled scan on the latest version of Avast free antivirus. After that, the program will perform an automatic scan under certain rules and times. Go to the system tray and click on the Avast icon to run the program. Basically, you can use other ways to run the ted Reading Time: 3 mins. Nov 06,  · Click Run Smart Scan or Run Full Virus Scan from the Antivirus screen. Click Other scans, then click the tile of the scan you want to run. A progress screen is visible while your PC is scanned. When the scan finishes, you can view scan results. Schedule a scan. You can schedule a specific scan to run at a time convenient for you. Apr 25,  · Fixing this (in the yesterday’s engine update, April 24th), we were able to cut down the scan time on that reference machine down to mere 6 minutes 54 seconds – which translates to almost 6x speedup (with no effect on dection rates, of course)! For us, this was a great exercise which showed the beauty of software engineering.
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Free Virus Scanner & Remover | Avast

Avast community forum. Home Help Search Login Register. Pages: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. Author Topic: What happened to Avast! WebMaximus Jr. Member Posts: The amount of folders, files and data is pretty much the same so whatever is causing this seems to be in the latest version s of Avast! Hope there’s a solution to this, seen others reporting the same thing. The first time I noticed this on the 17’th of Feb a number of issues were reported of which I’m certain they were all false positives.

However I didn’t use the files affected anymore so I decided to delete them just to make sure. Here’s a screenshot of that scan but a bit hard to see due to the bad 4K scaling in Avast. Today I had an issue reported as well and not sure if it was a false positive or not. I decided to move the file to the chest thinking I might want to investigate it further and it looked like Avast! I also find the new GUI to be a bit confusing not really letting me know when an action has been completed Instead I had to manually press the ‘Back’ button and I could only assume the action had completed successfully.

I then decided to restart my computer and do another full virus scan and this second scan came out blank with no reported issues and it took just as long as the first one just under 2 hours vs the normal just under 1 hour. I’m pretty sure this started with the latest version of Avast and the new GUI. Never saw this issue with the previous version s of Avast! Nothing changed in there as far as I can remember. What I did try was to enable all settings found under the performance section on the settings page and I also changed the prio to high but all to no avail I’m afraid.

Yes it is true for me also. Scan time did increase a bit. A lot of time is wasted showing ‘initializing”. So will full scans take this long now or did you identify any issues that could have caused the increased scanning time in latest version s of Avast? Scan times are taking a bit longer.

That said, scan times will significantly decrease as you populate the persistent cache. Just be sure you are using the populate the persistent cache in your scan settings.

Free avast! Quote from: bob on March 03, , PM. Mobile Security. I don’t know what settings you have your screen shot. I referred to this:. I stand corrected.

Probably because for me the on demand scanning isn’t really needed if you have a clean system. Thanks for your input guys! I’ve been using Avast for a very long time so I’m well aware of the persistent cache settings and I made sure the one populating the cache was checked at least once since I started having this issue but didn’t notice any difference I’m afraid.

Maybe a bit over the top running manual scans for most people when you have real-time scan active but I’m extremely careful with my system since it’s a very complex one taking weeks to setup so I don’t take any chances. Also I have areas of my system excluded from the real-time scanning for performance reasons making it even more important to have these areas scanned manually every now and then in my case once a week.

Clearly something changed in the latest version s of Avast as already mentioned because I’ve been running the exact same scanning method for years using Avast and with pretty much the same kind and amount of data on my computer and now all of a sudden it takes more than the double amount of time to complete. I hope we’ll see this addressed swiftly. If not maybe it’s time to start looking for alternatives.

If this was a clean install rather than an update from the UI or an install over the top of your existing avast version, then it may be possible that the persistent cache was cleared. If that were the case it could take a few scans to actually populate the persistent cache.

Also as Igor was getting at, if there were detections during the scan, that would have a profound effect on the scan duration. When a detection is made avast goes into a paranoid for want of a better word sensitivity and this would prolong the scan.

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