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Jun 11,  · Search google for “Printer_” and download the file.[/I][/CENTER] [B]10) [/B]Choose Export Printer > This print server > NEXT > click browse > choose a location to export printer data and press NEXT [B]11) [/B]Launch Foxit Reader and upgrade it to version x or execute Foxit Reader x install file [B]12) [/B]Launch Registry Editor, browse till the below location, and rename “Foxit Reader ” to “Foxit Reader . Foxit Printer Driver Software Foxit PDF Creator (bit) v Foxit PDF Creator is a virtual printer that allows any application with printing capability to generate high-quality PDF documents conveniently and efficiently. Foxit PDF Creator’s design is based on the same Foxit core PDF technologies as Foxit. Foxit Software is the reliable source for fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions. Foxit’s PDF editor software offers Productivity, Enterprise Automation & Developer ted Reading Time: 1 min.


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Apr 25,  · Reinstall Foxit PhantomPDf Printer on Windows , PM. Hello, I have Foxit PhantomPDF in my Windows 10 laptop. My windows default printer was the Foxit PDF Printer, bundled with Foxit Phantom PDF. For some reason, the printer has disapered from my Windows devices and even though I already made a couple of updates to Foxit. Jun 11,  · Search google for “Printer_” and download the file.[/I][/CENTER] [B]10) [/B]Choose Export Printer > This print server > NEXT > click browse > choose a location to export printer data and press NEXT [B]11) [/B]Launch Foxit Reader and upgrade it to version x or execute Foxit Reader x install file [B]12) [/B]Launch Registry Editor, browse till the below location, and rename “Foxit Reader ” to “Foxit Reader . Press Ctr+P on your keyboard or go to “File > Print” to open the Print Dialog. Click on Advanced. Select “Use PCL5 Drivers for PCL5 Printers” (unless you know that your printer uses PCL6 drivers. Select the name of your physical printer from the list. Add/Move your printer to the “PCL Drivers” list. Click OK.

Reinstall Foxit PhantomPDf Printer on Windows 10
Foxit PDF printer gone after Foxit Reader upgrade – PDF Forum | Foxit Software

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Page of 7. Filtered by:. Previous 1 4 7 template Next. For users who overwrite install Foxit Reader Comment Post Cancel. People should not disable updates as will leave their computers at risk. As for your clients, you can perform a backup on a machine that only has Foxit Reader PDF Printer as a printer, and then restore that backup in the rest of the client machines.

I too would like to chime in to say we will be abandoning Foxit reader in our org. The print to PDF was a major reason to use it, now that it’s gone I will be looking into alternatives and removing Foxit. Sorry to hear that, but we respect your choice. Absolutely, we will report your feedback to our PM team for references. I would just like to buck the trend here and say I am not removing Foxit because you got rid of the pdf printer I will remove it because you got rid of the “Create From Scanner” function.

This update broke your software for me yes, removing a function I specifically have the software for is breaking it as it no longer works as intended However, it is very refreshing for a company to admit they broke their software on purpose for greed and stupidity. No-one, in the history of the universe, has ever been thankful to have their needs held to ransom, has ever said “yes, I am happy to give money to this entity who decide to make my job harder for their own profit”.

You haven’t made your pdf creator more attractive, you have made your brand far less attractive. Why should we buy anything from you knowing you are inclined to do this?

What’s to stop you doing it again? Why buy Phantom creator now when you could, in the future, remove functions from that and put in another more expensive software to try and force people to spend more money? Oh, boy What a misguided decision, what a waste of my time scrambling my computer trying to figure out what happened that was causing the loss of foxit print to pdf. All this right today when I was working in a project with a deadline. Of course it was free and I am grateful that some companies make great software available at no cost.

I am truly grateful to Foxit for making a truly useful software. But it is really annoying and disappointing when these “marketing department decisions” turn everything upside down. I can continue my rant but it will be more waste of my time. The alternative to go back to a previous version is not a solution, I have more than 50 computers that use ninite to upgrade to the latest version of several programs foxit included in batch mode.

I am deeply sorry that Foxit took this decision and just as mad as you can imagine because now I will have to explain to a lot of users why they lost their print to pdf options.

Now you just extrapolate my situation to the millions of other users that were NEVER expecting to lose such useful feature just by upgrading their version, and compute the total time everyone will have to spend to find a viable solution. I am optimistic that Foxit will review this bad decision and bring back the pdf printer to the free version. There it is, I said it. Last edited by hjbuzzi ; , AM. Thank you for your feedback. I am also sad to see that the PDF printer was removed, but I don’t understand the people who say they are abandoning Foxit because of this.

Foxit Reader is still one of the best pdf readers available, in my opinion, and I’m thankful that it’s still available for free, and isn’t full of advertisements. With that said, I do have a couple of criticisms: – I did see the notice that “PDF Creation is not available”, but it wasn’t clear to me that this included the PDF printer. This confused me also.

I presume that those options should be removed. Last edited by chumley ; , PM. I am another one of those users who was an avid fan of Foxit and had converted my company from Adobe to Foxit, purely because of the printer function. But now I am having serious doubts, and look like a total fool. This upgrade also, of course, happened right in the middle of an extremely important project with deadlines – and for me the Upgrade even failed, completely removing Foxit from my system I also joined this forum just to complain and I wish my added voice to the growing number of unsatisfied “free” customers will encourage you to bring the feature back.

I thank SiliconChip for his effort to help me to keep Foxit printer with the new version, but, unfortunately, I do not have enough confidence in my ability to attempt such a hopefully temporary fix.

I still have the download file for 9. Really, Foxit, you have left me with egg on my face with this upgrade. About the prompt “PDF Creation is not available”, I highly agree with your opinion that we should add the full description “PDF Creation and Printing is not available”, I have forwarded the feedback to our team, they will consider it.

About the custom installation issue, the shell extension is preview and thumbnail handle, so it still exists, but what’s office plugins you get? I tried to reinstall Foxit Reader, but do not get the option, see the attachment, would you please send us the screenshot of the option and the name of the installation file you have? Attached Files.

TheSeamstresS Sorry again for the trouble. Originally posted by SiliconChip View Post. Since Foxit Reader PDF Printer is a component that can only be installed if the user selects it, Foxit has no rights to remove a printer from user’s OS without their consent!

On top of that, asking users to downgrade their Foxir Reader version is not wise either. Shame Shame Shame I found this message on the forum, used the link provided by a moderator to an earlier version of the software and have the functionality returned. I am very happy and satisfied with this being an option considering this software is provided for free to users. I uninstalled the new version, downloaded and installed what turned out to be version Version: 9.

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