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Glass sphere solar energy generator.betaray spherical glass solar energy generator by rawlemon

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Glass sphere solar energy generator.Rawlemon’s New Betaray Crystal Ball Harvests Light From The Sun, Moon and Clouds!


Accessibility Navigation.Betaray Crystal Sphere Harvests Energy From Sunlight and Moonlight


Jan 08,  · This Orb-Shaped Solar Power Device Works On The Cloudiest Days The use of a clear “ball lens” to concentrate light into a beam of energy may improve solar . Dec 22,  · Rawlemon’s spherical solar energy-generating globe looked a lot like a giant glass marble on a robotic steel frame, but there was nothing raw about what it . Aug 24,  · A Glass Sphere Solar Energy Generator Capable of Converting Sun and Moonlight into Usable Power.


Glass sphere solar energy generator.Glass Sphere Betaray Concentrates Solar and Lunar Energy – Understand Solar

Aug 24,  · A Glass Sphere Solar Energy Generator Capable of Converting Sun and Moonlight into Usable Power. Luckily, there is a potential solution. Rawlemon, a solar energy company started by a German architect named Andre Broessel, has been working on a spherical solar energy generator that is potentially more efficient than a standard solar panel. [1] Broessel believes this glass sphere could possibly be the future for solar energy. Watt Solar Powered Portable Generator w/ 4 Solar Panels, Power Pod and Wind Turbine Kit The Nature’s Generator Elite – Platinum System The Nature’s Generator Elite – Platinum System is a unit that stores electrical energy in its battery and converts it to electricity. Nature’s Generator does not require gas and can be used indoors unlike gas generators.
spherical glass solar energy generator by rawlemon
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spherical glass solar energy generator by rawlemon
Spherical Sun Power Generator
The Spherical Sun Power Generator
Spherical Sun Power Generator

The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have created a spherical, sun-tracking glass globe that is able to concentrate sunlight and moonlight up to 10, times. He sought to create a solar system that could be embedded in the walls of buildings so that they may act as both windows and energy generators. The spheres are able to concentrate diffused moonlight into a steady source of energy. Remember Me. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein.

This came up on my history feed today. Like all items that might save us money and be more efficient than current technology this item appears to be history as well. What is the efficiency of solar cell alone ,you are using? Rather than focusing on a PV cell, it would be more effective to use a heat exchanger filled with molten salt. The heat could be stored for many hours overnight at least and used to boil water to turn a small turbine to generate electricity.

PV’s and batteries are very inefficient compared to molten salt. Water boils at F so the light would not have to be sharply focused to generate the heat to get the salt over F, which would be more than enough to keep water boiling overnight.

Been involved in PV and wind for sometime and this looks like something out of science fiction, lol! But I think the concept behind it is solid. Wonder what’s the wattage of the model in the pic?

This could be California’s answer to the fried birds problem with their solar field. Studies are currently underway seeking a solution. This alternative could be the solution. As much as I like reading about solar power and energy: 1 I’d like to know how much energy one of these systems is capable of harnessing. Typical systems can max out at 2kwh-5kwh As a retired Electrician, I can truly appreciate the thought and engineering behind this. I would like to see how it functions in “Real-Life” applications in Building Construction and their related Electrical Systems.

Way to help the people good on you. The sunlight or moonlight? Hello, I found this idea very interresting and would like learn more from this project about cost and weight of used materials. What are the biggest power could it be wait from this type station?

Is it install somewhere already? Well, continue to progress in your way because for future we will realy need Long-lasting Sustainable and renewable energy ;-.

Perfect candidate for being fabricated in orbit — in microgravity, molten glass would form sphere without any or at least minimal work by manufacturer. Once this object is made it’s potential and workload is optimal and beautiful and maybe requires a wipedown once in a while. Becca, you made me laugh because I had the exact same thought! I’d love one of these. I live off-grid. Every home in the world that has a roof or windows that wants power should have solar of some sort on it, in it or near it.

Is it solid glass, water filled or air filled? If filled with glass or water it would be very heavy The cost, in money, time, and effort, to make the glass sphere alone makes me question the cost effectiveness of something like this. Something you could compare it to in difficulty is a giant telescope. When you start having curved glass at that size you run the major risk of it cracking or warming under its own weight, and when the smallest warp ruins its effectiveness to focus light you have to handle with extreme care.

This being said it may not be made out of glass at all. And if it is they may be looking into alternative materials to lower the cost. I wonder what the biggest size is that you could make one of these that should replace that stupid silver bean in Chicago. COngratulations Andre and Team! KUDOS on the great invention and thank God you are bringing this forward : I am interested to know how to get one of those in Colombia Keep me posted [email protected] Loads of love and blessings and may you continue bringing awesome technology to this planet!

Dear Bro it’s beautiful!!!! We are preparing to do a project in PR; would you consider allowing for Distributorship or License? Is this a different technology than solar technology or a more powerful version in a prettier form?

From someone who doesn’t know the difference. Bro keep it up. Feature really need your help. How would someone get in touch with the maker of these, and get a quote? Or, are they even available to the public yet!? I’d like to know the costs of one of these for a residential backyard for onee who would like to get off the grid. Is there a practical use for the residential use?

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