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N360 exe.Process Detail

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N360 exe.What is N360.exe?


Account Menu.Nexe High CPU Usage | Norton Community


Feb 11,  · Right now Nexe is refusing the shutdown or calm down and has very very high CPU usage. It’s currently stuck at xx in Process Explorer.. It’s making my cursor very jumpy. Rebooting DOES NOT FIX IT! HELP! Nexe process in Windows Task Manager. The process known as Norton or Norton Security Suite or Norton Download Manager{NSHPD-FSD belongs to software Norton or Norton Security Suite or Norton Premier by Symantec (). Description: Nexe is not essential for the Windows OS and causes relatively few problems/5(3). Norton has device security which helps protect against viruses, ransomware, malware, and other online threats as you bank, shop and post online. In addition, here are four main steps to help protect against spyware: Don’t open emails from unknown senders. .


N360 exe.nexe – Should I Block It? (Norton Security Suite)

What is Nexe? Nexe is known as N, it also has the following name Norton or Norton Security Suite or or Norton Business Suite and it is developed by N, it is also developed by Symantec Corporation. We have seen about different instances of Nexe in different location. So far we haven’t seen any alert about this product. Feb 11,  · Right now Nexe is refusing the shutdown or calm down and has very very high CPU usage. It’s currently stuck at xx in Process Explorer.. It’s making my cursor very jumpy. Rebooting DOES NOT FIX IT! HELP! nexe has 2 known versions, the most recent one is It is started as a Windows Service called ‘Norton Security Suite’ with the name ‘N’. The average file size is about KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Symantec Corporation by the certification authority VeriSign. During the process’s lifecycle, the typical CPU resource utilization is about % .
N360.exe High CPU Usage
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Skip to main content. Norton Community – Fresh new look with improved features. Watch Video. Right now N It’s currently stuck at Check for Norton updates manually or right click the Norton icon in the task bar and click, run live updates, and then recheck until there are no more updates restarting the computer as requested.

Try running autofix by clicking the Norton icon, click support, click get support or right click the Norton icon in the task bar and click Get support let it run then restart the computer. It should tell you if any items where fixed. If you get an error message about MBAM then just click on skip on the error screen. You need to check whether you have standard or premier, as the key will only work for the version you have purchased. I’ve been using N since version 1, and before that NIS for many many years I’ve never had this issue I’ve used Removal Tool, reinstalled, rebooted, run registry cleaners I’ve been on with tech support This is ridiculous It’s not doing anything!

I can’t see your images until they are approved by the mod, but while I’m waiting to see them, please try the following. Click on Performance from the Main page of N , once the page flips and is populated, insure the CPU Tab on the bottom of the graph is selected. Please tell us which process is using all the CPU.

Please bear in mind that the blue peaks are Windows and the Yellow peaks are Norton processes. This may give us an idea of what may be running. I checked that out It’s always N You say you followed all intesec’s instructions, but you image shows you are on version If you followed the instructions, you would be back on Version 20 , as you asked in your original post.

Either way Still a little more usage than before, but certainly much much better! Btw, I was told by tech support that I didn’t realize that all of the processes were now built into 1 process N That’s why I was so shocked, instead of a whole bunch of small CPU processes, now its one. OK, I just finally understood what the comment above was giving I was able to go back to version I was going crazy I’ll give version 21 a try again in a few months Here are the screenshots showing v 20’s usage That’s ridiculous The Norton Tech said this was normal.

Please tell me this is wrong! The actual cause can be some conflict with some program or driver on your system, or combination of same. This illustrates the challenge program developers face to try to have a product be compatible with the MILLIONS of combinations of hardware and software in use around the world. Hopefully your Norton product may have sent some data back to Norton through the Community Watch feature that could help diagnose and allow a fix to be created for your issue.

I wouldn’t be horribly surprised if it is a driver conflict However, I’ve never had problems like this before on this machine for any software It’s literally like working on a high-end PC. I took off any software that I thought might conflict and that didn’t fix it So I doubt it was that Just for reference Yet another variable in the equation. I have no experience with Macs, but it could be something related to that. Try posting in the Tech Outpost board of the forum to see if anyone there is able to make suggestions.

We haven’t received any other reports of this, through support or on the forums, though as you mention there was a similar issue. And as others have pointed out, correlation doesn’t equal causation. We also don’t really know anything about your setup – you’re running Windows 7 and Norton Premier.

We also don’t know what else you had installed on your Win 7 image, or how you removed them. Did you create a whole new Win7 image on Bootcamp then installed Norton v21?

This is a complicated issue for sure, and the lack of detail from you makes it increasingly difficult to troubleshoot. I recommend for your next post to include as much detail as possible about your system and setup. This not only saves a lot of back and forth, it also helps us get to the cause more quickly. This is not a virtualized “image”. But just in case that matters.

The partition was created when I had OS X 6 installed. I’m currently running OS X 8. But that should not affect anything on the Windows side at all You didn’t address the Hosts file question that I asked to you I use HostsMan to create a custom Hosts file. Would this possibly affect v It has NO effect whatsoever on v20’s operation.

As to your other comments regarding lack of “details” I ran Belarc Advisor 8. Yeah jumpy cursor problem happens to me too. That was the only thing I hadn’t tried before going back to v I don’t have time to go back to v21, otherwise I’d try it out Plus uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, is such a PIA I am getting high cpu alert 1 of my cpu’s.

What do I do now? How do I find a resolution on my particular computer. Adobe Flash Player Updater. And voila Well at least a workaround So, it’s obviously when it firsts loads. Thanks for testing this with v I’ve sent you a download for v If you’re still seeing the issue with v Please include all the details of your setup – OSs, versions, etc.

We thrive on details and specifics so we can quickly reproduce this issue in our labs. More information and quicker reproduction of the issue leads to faster resolution. Thanks for your help. I’ll test out the download you gave me in the private message and report back. I was able to get N to update to The PDF lists all software including version s I’m quite certain nothing has really changed since that was uploaded.

However, to sum it up My most recent install of N was installed via the download from mynortonaccount. As stated earlier, I’ll report back what happens when I install v Third party software that modified system That’s pretty much it I also have WinPatrol running but it still has the problems after uninstalling it. I’m quite certain there are no references to Norton or Symantec sites in there.. OK reporting back on the direct install using the installer you provided for

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