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Need for speed underground 2 pc controls.Download Need for Speed: Underground 2 (Windows)

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Need for speed underground 2 pc controls.Need for Speed: Underground 2 – FAQ


Re: Need for Speed PC Keyboard Controls?.Need For Speed Underground 2 (aka key binding FIX) | NFSCars


Does any one have custom cars for need for speed underground 2 – like.. Hidden Races in Stage 4 I’m in stage 5, and I’ve already done a bunch of the regular races (th. C:\Users\ (USERNAME)\Documents\Criterion Games\Need For Speed (TM) Most Wanted\Save\RANDOMNUMBER\13Save. Even if I send you the file it will not work. I made several test with a friend. Message 9 of 19 (16, Views) ted Reading Time: 3 mins. Mar 10,  · Just downloaded the trial of Need for Speed PC. Cant find how to enter the options menu or even Escape to the main menu of the game to exit – forced me to cntrl alt delete. Can someone please post the key bindings Thank ted Reading Time: 2 mins.


Need for speed underground 2 pc controls.Solved: Need for Speed PC Keyboard Controls? – Answer HQ

Manual – PC Need for Speed – Underground 2. Need a manual for your PC Need for Speed – Underground 2? Below you can view and download the PDF manual for free. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product. If this is not the manual you want, please contact us. Mar 10,  · Just downloaded the trial of Need for Speed PC. Cant find how to enter the options menu or even Escape to the main menu of the game to exit – forced me to cntrl alt delete. Can someone please post the key bindings Thank ted Reading Time: 2 mins. Need For Speed Underground 2. Information; Photos (0) Author. mirh more by mirh. Game Need For Speed Underground 2 more from this game. Category Tools more in this category. Description. On newer version of windows, microsoft removed from windows This caused keyboard bindings to not be sticked after exiting the game Placing this dll.
What are they keyboard controls?
Re: Is there a solution for the unsaved controls?
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Need for Speed: Underground 2
Solved: Is there a solution for the unsaved controls? – Answer HQ

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. What’s New? Car Spec. Thanks THNX I. Introduction INTR Well, first off I gotta say that I doubt I’ll ever get this thing to encompass the enire game, so please don’t expect it to.

This one’s still pretty new, hasn’t even been out for a month yet, and I doubt that many people know everything yet. I’m just putting everything I know out there in the hope that it helps you guys.

If you find something wrong in here, or you want to add something to it, just email me or try and catch me on Yahoo! Messenger, chances are that I’m online, so just IM me. If what you say helps, then I’ll post it in my update and I’ll add your name to the Thanks section. OK, enough crap, lets get this party started.

Also, if you are doing a special event, you will be able to use the D-Pad as you would in Explore Mode. For starters, there isn’t a little race map anymore. You get free range over the entire city kinda. Although you only start with a little bit of it, as the game progresses, you’ll unlock new areas of the city to play in. Each new area will have it’s own shops to unlock, bringing you new parts. Each one brings a new element to the arena and more opportunities to kick some serious ass.

Lastly, there’s the sponsors. As you make yourself known in Bayview, you’ll get a chance to sign with various sponsors and start making some serious money. Each company has it’s own signing bonus, purse for winning a sponsored race, and it’s contract terms. The terms are generally the same between sponsors of the same level, and just states how many and which races you win, also it will give you a number of DVD covers that your car has to be featured on.

The common things that the sponsors will have in common are the URL victory purse and that you will be allowed to get a new car of your choice, for free!!! I’ll get into the specifics later on in the car section. Map Systems MAPS In order to fully experience Bayview, you’ll have to become a master of the maps.

There’s two types to speak of, the World Map, and your Mini-Map. The Mini-Map is pretty self-explanitory and is always sitting there at the bottom left of your screen. It also is the only way to find Outrun races in the city. These will appear as an orange triangle on the map. The World Map, on the other hand, will show the entire city of Bayview.

By hitting either L or R, you can have it zoom in on different areas of the city. This map also has the ability to use a GPS system.

To use this, you just select the type of event that you want to use, then the location you want by hitting Left or Right on the D-Pad, then hitting A once, and again to confirm it. Once GPS is activated, as long as you are on an actual road, a blue arrow will appear on screen and will show you the directions to take to get to your destination. While this may not be the shortest way, it is often the easiest for beginners.

It is required in order to fufill your contract. Don’t worry though, you’ll get more cash if you win for your troubles. Instead of only getting one little gauge for NoS and having that last you the whole race, you have access to a new “Racebreaker” gauge on top of what you get, and the ability to refill it almost anytime you want. Here I’ll list the ways I know of to fill it up: Avoid Accident This one’s pretty self explanitory. All you need to do is go very fast and be very close to an AI traffic car not a racer!!

This stunt yields a reward of points to the gauge, and can be multiplied up to 5 times. A Clean Section bonus is attained by making it through a section of the race without slamming into a wall, car, or anything else.

This lil trick scores points, and has the same multiplier. As the name states, you have to go an entire lap without any collisions to land this bad boy. As I’ve yet to do this, I don’t know the points for it wink wink ; , but will add it when I find that out, and if there’s a multiplier. By holding down the handbrake and moving your Control Stick in a rhythmic motion example: Left, then Right, Left, Right, etc The point total for this depends on how long you keep the show going.

It’s fairly easy to score a few hundred points, and perfect if you wanna get ready before doing a special event. All you need is to get a fairly perfect circle burned out on the road, and you’ll score points. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a multiplier on it. Just be in first place at the end of the lap to net points. Luckily, this bad boy has a multiplier.

It only scores you points, so be sure to just tap the button and nothing more. Drafting is accomplished by driving your car into the small vacuum area left in the wake of a fast car. This not only will increase your NoS gauge, but while you’re there, you can slingshot around the car you were drafting, then use what you just got to blaze out of there, leaving your opponent in the dust. The exact total, however, depends on how far you end up going without hitting anything.

Remember that if you do, you’ll get nothing, so be sure to take it easy. You’ll know you’ve got it when you go off the line without having to burnout or anything.

I haven’t figured out an idiot-proof way of getting them all the time yet, but I’m close. Anyway, this nets you big ones. It’s also possible to do this in Explore Mode, but I’ve only gotten it a few times with something like the Supra, or a similarly handling vehicle.

Power sliding is a form of drifting, and will reward you according to the distance you slide for. It’s possible to keep this running for a while, but the longest slide I’ve managed is about You can do it by driving in reverse, then whipping yourself around degrees, and going forward again.

A rumor I’ve heard states that you can’t do this if the counter for Reverse has started, but I’ve yet to confirm it. They’re rare, the only one I’ve found yet is in the northern area of Beacon Hill. How many depends on how far you end up going. This has got to be the rarest and most difficult trick to do in the entire game. It involves you jumping over AI traffic.

For each one you manage to clear, you are supposed to land a whopping points, not to mention that yet again, you have the infamous multiplier!! The amount of Reputation points you earn will depend on the space you put between yourself and second place. You’ll have a track that will take up a portion of the city, and you’ll drive it a few times.

Throughout the race, there’s going to be “walls” blocking roadways. Pay attention to the way they point and drive accordingly. Drag Races DRAG One of the more fun types of races, Drag races will pit you on a fairly straight road, with speed and acceleration the determining factors early on.

Later in the game however, cars with smaller engines and poor handling would be bad choices, as traffic increases and the races get longer, leaving you a high probability of either totaling your car or blowing out the engine. Your best bet is to get what is called a “Perfect Shift”.

This means that you shifted at the point where it will take your engine the least amount of time to rev back up. This can be found in the coloring of your needle on the tach. You start at one spot, and your goal is to get to the other spot as soon as you can. And yes, as sad as it is, some people needed that to be explained to them.

Your objective is to drift along the track, racking up as many drifting points as you can. As you get higher in the drifts, they’ll give various names to them, the hightst I think is “Drift King”. This will be shown if you manage to score a , point drift. While these names mean nothing, it is nice to see how you do. The track is set up like a drift track, but you race them instead. The small area and tight turns will make things much more difficult, so your best bet is to get in front early.

The AI will play extremely dirty here, so be on your guard if one’s close. All you need to do is find another racer in Explore Mode, then get close enough to him, and hit the challenge button. You’ll have to get ahead of him, then open the gap to 1, feet. While this doesn’t seem too hard, the line between you is a straight one, so turns mean nothing.

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