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Qbittorrent not connecting to seeds.qBittorrent download but no upload/seed

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Qbittorrent not connecting to seeds.qBittorrent official forums


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Mar 06,  · The “Allow encryption” options increases the chances of connecting to other peers, since if they do not support (or disable) encryption, you can still connect to them, and if they explicity require encryption, you can still connect to them. By disabling encryption, you’re unable to connect to peers that require encryption. Jul 18,  · I am on Windows 10, using latest qBittorrent version Problem. I am trying to seed files on a private trackers. I see many peers and seeds, but they are all in parenthesis, and I can’t actually connect to them. The numbers outside the parenthesis are zero. All my torrents are listed as inactive. I am getting no uploads. Expected Behavior. Jan 25,  · No proxy server and I dont think my ISP is blocking anything here in Hong Kong, all those connections have file progress of 0%, but I dont know why qbittorrent is still connecting me to them. I cannot connect to seeds/peers which progress is not 0% in those torrents.


Qbittorrent not connecting to seeds.Torrent not connecting to seeds – Troubleshooting – BitTorrent Forums

Nov 02,  · Posts: Posted: Mon Nov 01, am. those seeds and peers are the swarm, you will only connect to a subset of that. 25 seeds and 61 peers sounds perfectly normal to . Aug 17,  · Re: Not Connecting to seeds. Seeing this quite a bit too, and mostly from magnet links. Had a few that will go to % and stay there despite almost 39 seeds showing available and multiple clients it will not connect to a single one to finish those last few %. My seed ratio is 8+ on this specific torrent but still will not complete. Nov 12,  · Your BitTorrent stuck on connecting to peers could be due to the file you are downloading being no more valid. A BitTorrent client needs the peers to download a content by seeding them. When there are no seeds at all, the file is dead. And when you attempt downloading a dead file, you encounter the issue of BitTorrent stuck on connecting to ted Reading Time: 5 mins.
Torrents: I see tons of seeds, but can only connect to a few
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BitTorrent Stuck on Connecting to Peers. How to Fix?
BitTorrent Stuck on Connecting to Peers. How to Fix?

Not Connecting to seeds – qBittorrent official forums

Basically, the question is about poor transfer speeds using BT. Azureus 2. Is this a common problem? In Config, under Transfer, there’s a number for max connections per torrent. Maybe set it higher? I tried it at 50, and I tried it at It doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ll not that this only seems to be an issue on large items, ie hundreds of mbs.

You might just be getting slow peers. Just to confirm, you are getting remote connections, right? DMZ is working? But, it seems normal to me. BT does “bubble” where peers seperate into groups with good connection within the group but poor connection outside of it.

People have gone so far as to invoke chaos theory as an explanation. H , yes to those questions. That upload limiting has been a critical factor. Comcast gives me such crappy upload bandwidth, that if I leave unlimited, everything tanks. Any higher than that, and my wife gets pissed tat she can’t web surf on her computer.

Your speed is pretty normal as well, it should increase as you go along. IME, you really need to luck out with a few good connections to get any kind of real speed. Knocking upload too high will increase latency on your ACK packets the packets your machine sends to a machine sending it data to acknowledge reciept and decrease transmission speed on the connection. So that’s why you keep it short of your maximum bandwdith. Built into the BT clients at least the original and presumably most newer clients are tit-for-tat algorithms.

The remote clients, seeing that you upload slowly, look for better alternatives. You could find a service with better upload bandwidth or possibly rent a server in a colo facility, run bt on the remote server with high two-way bandwidth, then just download the files to your home computer.

That is incorrect. It will obviously also depend on which fragments of the torrent you have and the remote clients need. Nonetheless, the higher your upload speed, the more reliably you will get fast download speed. To reliably get the latter you need the former. Absolutely incorrect. BT clients all say “Download speed is proportional to upload speed” because as a rule two things cause a slow upload: Inability to accept incoming connections you won’t be able to connect to many peers Inability to send a block 16kB in two minutes connection will be dropped Both of these cause a very slow download speed and also a slow upload speed.

Try getting your facts straight. Also the wiki generically states that bt clients play tit-for-tat games. Finally, it’s sitting in the source to the client. What have you set for your default max upload slots per torrent?

They will choke you for doing that read the FAQ for how choking and unchoking works , and you’ll then get poor download speeds. You can play with the upload slots once a torrent has started by going into info tab for that torrent, but when you make a change give it a few minutes at least to gauge any effect. Torrent download speed will fluctuate naturally, so you have to give your settings a lot of time to figure out what effect, if any, they’re having.

Everything set to unlimited, I just didn’t run into anybody that wanted my data. I use Shad0w’s client and I can say that it limits your incoming to be no more than your outgoing, however.

Don’t know if any other clients do it, though. Torrents: I see tons of seeds, but can only connect to a few 15 posts. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

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