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Rocketdock portable.How to export RocketDock settings?

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Rocketdock portable.RocketDock – Portable Application Launcher


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Oct 22,  · 1. 0. 0. Jul 2, #4. All the Rocketdock user settings are stored in the windows registry. \HKey_Current_User\Software\RocketDock. You can see them when running from the run command and opening the folders to get to the above path. Go to that folder, right click and “export” the folder settings, and you’ve got your custom setup. RocketDock. Our super-cool dock for Windows. It’s a bit outdated, but people still love it. Mar 09,  · RocketDock is a free software that creates a clone of the macOS dock on your Windows computer. Once installed, you can add shortcuts to your favourite applications on this dock for quick access. The interface of the dock is clean and can be customised to suit your preferences. You can also move it around the screen for better accessibility/10().


Rocketdock portable.RocketDock – A shortcut and application docking program |

Jan 10,  · RocketDock – A shortcut and application docking program I saw this great app while looking through the Vista-style apps for XP (and Win2K). It is called RocketDock. It is an app that will allow you to both dock your apps there instead of the taskbar, and make shortcuts. make Rocketdock Portable (no installation needed), easily by following this video. Jun 07,  · RocketDock is a lightweight, highly customizable application launcher, or dock, for Windows. You can install it on your computer or use a portable version on a USB flash drive to provide quick access to your portable programs. We’ll show you how to make RocketDock portable. However, first you must install RocketDock before making it : Lori Kaufman.
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RocketDock – A shortcut and application docking program
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Platform Please donate. Application : RocketDock Category : Utilities Description : from website RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization.

With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock. Now with added Taskbar support your minimized windows can appear as icons on the dock. This allows for better productivity and accessibility. MD5: cdcdd2bf8badb7fb9c PackagePartialDir replacement also implemented. July 30, Proper language switching implemented.

Shortcuts across drive letters now supported thanks kAlug. January 16, Data now includes skins. January 9, Language switching via PAM now supported. When looking at the launcher, I noticed that it only saves the registry entries and deletes the Settings. Personally I don’t think this is the best way to do this. You should handle both to ensure portability. At least for me, I have a couple different ini’s saved that I use depending on which computer I am using, so if you delete Settings.

I’m not saying that using the ini is better than using the registry for settings, all I’m saying is that it would be nice to be able to use either one. I double and tripled checked. Even if you choose to save settings as an INI, it will still create the registry entries, so I just used that.

Theme: Choose the theme you would like RocketDock to use. I think RocketDock just checks a sub directory of the base executable rocketdock. If you’d like to, you can try it out. I can try and get back to you all but that might not be for a while. Ace everything aight! I just checked again and it looks like I was wrong.

The skins folder is only KB. I’m not sure where I got my last figure. You don’t need to create it–it’s already there. Just download the skin you want and put it in the folder. Don’t create the skins folder because bad things will happen if you do. C: drive got Windows Vista. U can see the obvious reason why this suggestion Are they something of urs, PYRO? I just never seen them b OR is this something u overlooked, Pyro?

Or address this to the RD people? The CCleaner commands come from a locally installed copy of CCleaner. I don’t like ObjectDock because the developers over-complicated everything. I have RocketDock set up so that it shows on top and hides when my mouse goes away from it.

I can’t modify RocketDock to show above the taskbar because it’s closed source, and I’d probably be lost trying to work with the code even if it were open source unless it was somehow written in NSIS. Here is an updated launcher that updates the drive letter and has proper automatic language switching using [Language] and [LanguageFile] :.

If you do not properly exit RocketDock before leaving the Windows, the key is still remain in the registry. Error: RocketDock portable did not close properly last time it was run and will now clean up. Please then start RocketDock Portable again manually.

The launcher works by adding the registry keys and then starting RocketDock, and when you properly exit RocketDock, the launcher will copy the key to your Data folder, then delete it from the machine. If you accidentally shut down your computer, or there’s some sort of power failure, they key will remain, and you’ll get that error message.

RegRead strRegRead If err. I just ran it, and everything is working perfectly. I created icons, edited them, changed lots of settings, and everything was saved as it was supposed to.

If that doesn’t work, could you tell me what OS your on, whether you have admin rights, where your installing to, and what settings your changing, because I honestly can’t reproduce the issue. It takes like a quarter of a second or less to load and unload the registry entries.

It’s not really an issue considering that you won’t notice much of a difference whether it does or doesn’t add the registry entries before starting RocketDock.

You need to have AutoHide Delay enabled and set greater than or equal to PopUp on mouseover delay for the popup to work. I don’t know if this was intentional on the part of the developers, but that’s what seems to work. You can fix this issue by deleting the In the future, be sure to exit RocketDock before shutting down Windows, and RocketDock will work just fine. But I think it is a bug. If there is a need to close it manually there is need to put a box dialog in closing like while we closig a Word Document.

If I want to keep settings for case this folder I went and messed around with it and I think I fixed it. That file will still come up but the rocketDock will as well and shouldn’t have a problem. You can try it out for your self if you like. As indicated above, all that’s required is deleting the runtime file.

That’s it. If you close the rocketDock, that file will go away. And it does not appear to break functionality or portability. Unless you added something in a custom. Thanks for trying to search for a solution, but as I and Gord mentioned before, the issue was the INI file, which only causes problems when RocketDock is closed improperly.

I think some of the PAL devs are working on a way for PAL to detect a Windows shutdown so that in the future this kinda problem won’t happen. That file I got from another portableapps app. I just quick renamed it then forgot about it. I didn’t see any difference either so I just moved on to that other file and forgot to delete this one.

With many problems in start ups and shut downs, i painstakingly found out that just quickly opening the LauncherRuntimeData-RocketDockPortable. As indicated, the only time you should ever touch the runtime file is if you improperly shut down RocketDock and can’t get it to start again.

In that case, you -should- delete the file, not edit it. It’s because that file is designed to be deleted when the application closes successfully as it is, so it should be deleted when you’ve closed it improperly as well. What is the best way to deal with this issue. Is this app going to be updated? I’ll be wait The next update of PAL is changing how runtime handling is done, so this issue shouldn’t occour once the PAL update is released and RocketDock portable gets updated to it.

I don’t want to have to close RocketDock when I want to shut down Windows. It is so so simple for the program to have the optional option to save settings every X mins like MemPad or have the program say “Stuff it if RocketDock is not exit properly first before your PC shit itself but hey, RocketDock will still start up nicely like previous known good startup”.

Ok, I have had an idea, created a delete this stupid file batch file to auto run when Windows start up. Problem solved. Replace “file path” with your actual Drive and path. The batch file text is one unbroken sentence, not two. If you have any questions regarding licensing, redistribution, advertising, or an interview we would be more than happy to assist you in your quest.

Just fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you ASAP. What is better for me – install version or portable version? Is there any advantage to use the portable version? If your only going to be using RocketDock on one computer, your better off using the normal, install version. But if you want to use RocketDock on more computers in the future, and keep the same settings, I’d suggest the portable version. Registry keys are created regardless of whether or not the INI file saving option is ticked or not.

But you shouldn’t worry about it, as this launcher takes care of everything regardless of whether you tick that option or not. Thank You. I decided to download the install version.

How do I import the settings of the portable version to the install version? What is the right way to do that?

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