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Symantec ghost 11.5 windows 10.Norton Ghost 11.5 Switch Options to Choose

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Symantec ghost 11.5 windows 10.Symantec Ghost 11.5


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Jan 06,  · Hi cuneiform: What is your Windows operating system? Norton Ghost was discontinued in and the Mar announcement Norton Ghost Has Been Discontinued was updated on Jul to note that “Attempting to install or use Norton Ghost on Windows 8 & Windows 10 may result in unexpected results, such as incomplete imaging”. Norton Ghost was replaced by Symantec . Oct 20,  · Hidden page that shows all messages in a thread. Dear experts: We were using Ghost 8 for image creation and deployment of Windows 10; until now that Dell Latitude 72does not support hard disk boot using legacy; only UEFI. May 15,  · Symantec Ghost Topics Ghost Collection cdromimages; vintagesoftware Language English. This can be used to backup and restore Hard Drives. All hard drive images uploaded by me can be restored using this software. Addeddate .


Symantec ghost 11.5 windows 10.I need a Ghost version running on Windows 10 | Norton Community

Nov 26,  · The Symantec Norton Ghost Boot CD for Windows from Symantec allows you to create a full system backup that you can use to restore your computer in the event of a hard drive failure or major system problem. Oct 25,  · Symantec Ghost is a tool to create images of system disks. It is very useful to make a backup of the current state of a computer, or in case we are going to perform changes on our system but need to revert them time after. Norton Ghost was released on and even when there has been newer versions of the software, it is still doing its purpose. Re: Ghost ISO and Windows 10 Reply #14 – Jul 27 th, at pm That would be good if OldCasper can tell us if Ghost will work with the Windows 10 .
I need a Ghost version running on Windows 10
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Pages: 1 2 3. Ghost Posts: 13 Apex, North Carolina. I made the cd from the ISO of Ghost Has anyone been able to test this? Thank you. IP Logged. Re: Ghost Brian Have not yet tried it on the Toshiba CS Bruce, Great screenshot. Regarding Secure Boot. Why it it disabled? It protects against the current ransomware.

Bruce, In your screenshot the 9. You have several Recovery partitions. To determine the one in use run this from an Admin Command Prompt Here is what your command returned: Microsoft Windows [Version All rights reserved.

EXE: Operation Successful. Personally, I do not delete system partitions unless I absolutely need to and I am sure it will not mess something up. As to secure boot, I personally do not like it or think it is needed.

For my needs standard boot and NTFS are just fine. Bruce, Thanks. Your Recovery partition is the MB one. Partition 1 is redundant. If you ever need extra space for your OS partition you could delete Partition 6 and add that space to the OS partition. But have the system imaged just in case you make a mistake. Which imaging software will you use for this UEFI system?

If by standard boot you mean MBR, you don’t have it. Secure Boot prevents unauthorized boot code from running. For example, some of the recent Ransomware malware.

Brian, No intention of deleting any partitions at this time. As to imaging software not sure yet what to attempt to use on the Toshiba laptop.

I do have the Ghost 15 SSR files, not sure if it needs a license code or not or if it will work properly in Windows Bruce, Ghost 15 doesn’t work on Win Acronis TI works but it has the worst reputation of all imaging apps. Do you prefer online or offline imaging? How often would you image? I prefer imaging with no programs running, like how the original version of Ghost worked.

As to how often, I usually make an new image when a major change has been done. Say Windows 10 updates to a newer version, or lots of new programs have been added or updated. So maybe every couple of months or so. Data files I copy to another location now and then. Bruce, Then I suggest you trial Image for Linux. GUI version.

It works with Linux and Windows OS. Licensed for 5 home computers. Initially, I’d use Simple Operations mode. Three clicks to backup and three clicks to restore. Posts: 95 Florida, USA. Today, have Ghost It doesn’t seem to care what the OS is. My software guru says he uses it to back up his Linux Server. So I keep both media handy. I never cease to be amazed at how old things work better than newer things Cheers Mates.

It’s nice to see that some folks still use Ghost. A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument. OldCasper wrote on Jul 24 th , at pm: I never cease to be amazed at how old things work better than newer things.

That would be good if OldCasper can tell us if Ghost Just because it creates an image, does not mean you can restore it. But I suppose you could always boot into the BIOS and change it to Legacy to do the image restoral and then change it back after it works. Note: Ghost Also a note to forum admins: I still do not get email notifications of replies and all the options in my profile are correctly set.

Please check this. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please Login. Classic Ghost. New Bootable CD Blog. Does the CD boot in your computer? Can you tell us which partitions are present in Disk Management? This will help in knowing whether Ghost will work. Will recheck my profile. Also attached a pix of the disk management screen from the Toshiba Win

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