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Why does ccleaner update so much.Windows 10 is warning users not to install CCleaner

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Why does ccleaner update so much.Beware: CCleaner may install CCleaner Browser and remap file associations


Manage Startup Programs.Beware: CCleaner may install CCleaner Browser and remap file associations – gHacks Tech News


Oct 03,  · CCleaner Is Disk Cleanup On Steroids. CCleaner has two main uses. One, it scans for and deletes useless files, freeing up space. Two, it erases private data like your browsing history and list of most recently opened files in various programs. In a way, it’s kind of like Windows’ built-in Disk Cleanup tool, which frees up space on your hard Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Jul 31,  · CCleaner, a popular PC optimization app, is being flagged up as ‘potentially unwanted software’ by Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender, but renamed with the May Update Author: Darren Allan. Aug 02,  · If you do want an old version of CCleaner, you’ll have to download it from another website. Version of CCleaner forces Active Monitoring, so you may want to download version from a website like UptoDown. To prevent CCleaner from checking for updates, launch CCleaner and click Options > ted Reading Time: 7 mins.


Why does ccleaner update so much.Why Is cCleaner updated so Frequently – CCleaner – CCleaner Community Forums

Oct 03,  · CCleaner Is Disk Cleanup On Steroids. CCleaner has two main uses. One, it scans for and deletes useless files, freeing up space. Two, it erases private data like your browsing history and list of most recently opened files in various programs. In a way, it’s kind of like Windows’ built-in Disk Cleanup tool, which frees up space on your hard Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. CCleaner Pro also cleans any trace of your online history. It has a flexible schedule which can be set to run automatically either daily, weekly or monthly. No need for manual operations as you are in complete control. The Pro version also has automatic updates features to ensure you are using the latest edition of the cleanup tool. Nov 13,  · One major reason for a monthly release is that so many app are covered they are bound to have (at least) one update which then may require a change in CCleaner’s removal for that program (q.v. Firefox, Chrome, WINDOWS) ADVICE FOR USING CCleaner’S REGISTRY INTEGRITY SECTION DON’T JUST CLEAN EVERYTHING THAT’S CHECKED OFF.
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CCleaner, the popular Windows file cleaning software, may install the web browser CCleaner Browser as part of the installation process if users are not careful. CCleaner bundles third-party offers — technically not all offers are third-party as you find Avast Browser, Avast is the parent company of Piriform which develops CCleaner, and not also CCleaner Browser, another first-party project, among the offers — with the installer of the application.

CCleaner users who upgrade the software or install it anew using the full installer may get these offers. The offers are checked by default and if the user does not pay attention to the installation prompt, I call them next next next users , may inadvertently install these third-party programs on their devices. The offer to install CCleaner Browser seems to have been integrated in version 5. A user noticed that file associations were changed on the system after the installation of CCleaner, and discovered that CCleaner Browser was suddenly installed on the device and that the program had taken over file associations.

A quick test with the CCleaner 5. The installer included an offer to install Avast Free Antivirus once but no other offers. It is possible that Piriform pulled the offer for the meantime or that it is only offered at times to users. The installation option is checked by default and the listed program will be installed if the user does not uncheck the third-party offer box or boxes provided during setup.

The CCleaner Browser offer includes two options: the first installs the browser, the second makes it the default. The second option affects file associations on the system if left enabled. CCleaner users who found CCleaner Browser installed on their devices may remove it just like any other application. On Windows 10, you’d use Windows-I to open the Settings application, and select Apps to display the list of installed programs.

CCleaner Browser should be on that list and you can select it to uninstall it from the system. It may still be necessary to change file associations afterwards if they were changed during installation of CCleaner. Tip : if you need to use CCleaner, and not one of the clean alternatives such as Bleachbit , then you may want to disable automatic updates and start using the portable version of CCleaner instead as it comes without offers. Check out our guide on using CCleaner without installing it here.

CCleaner admin Dave revealed on the official forum that Piriform was working on a new installer with a new design that the company wants to launch soon. CCleaner Browser is a Chromium-based browser similarly to Avast Secure Browser that includes certain protective features such as ad-blocking or anti-fingerprinting by default.

We are in the process of rolling out our CCleaner Browser which we are currently offering to a limited number of our users, and as a preview version via our website, in order to gain early user feedback before the full launch to all our customers.

We’re also currently tweaking the CCleaner Browser so users with PDFs set to open in a desktop app will continue to have this functionality.

We’re now also working on making the installer more visible with yes or no options to install CCleaner Browser and set it as the default browser. Now You: What is your take on all of this? That sort of thing is, in my opinion, a very scummy practice. All you need do is read and make the right decision as you install. Sucking up details about the way you use you computer without telling you other than using Weasel words in an incredibly long-winded agreement that would put the most patient Lawyer to sleep is a reason to mistrust.

The fact that I have to be wary when downloading or updating products of a given company EACH time, because you may be trying to install additional software that I did not explicitly asked for, implicitly means this company cannot be trusted.

This is especially true when there is an existing record of shady practices in the past, and even more so when your advertised products are intended to protect you from such things in the first place. That makes me extremely suspicious of both the company and all of the software that company makes. I got rid of their browser via Windows Control Panel.

Shame on them. Whenever you install ANY software, always read everything in the installer window before proceeding to make sure there are no unwanted options ticked. I temporarily installed CCleaner in a controlled environment on the 4th of July because I was curious after replacing it ages ago. Nowadays, new FREE versions is a cost to your privacy no matter what program or utility.

No, free software does not always infringe on privacy. This is wrong, and deeply unhelpful for less knowledgeable users who might be reading this blog. In fact, most free software is perfectly all right. Free software is one of the more helpful inventions of the last decades. Open source and freemium are two big categories of such pieces of software. But there are others. Plenty of generous people developed good close source software without trying to collect private information — that they would be at a complete loss to use, anyway.

What is known malware? Where do I find a list? In both cases I contacted support from inside the program, provided screenshots, explained my issues and believe it or not, a few versions after, both problems were fixed:. They added a whole Settings page where you can disable the auto-backup feature.

The fixed that issue where it would hang when looking for leftovers and now it works amazingly fast. Under Win 8. If a new passage is made immediately, it is finally emptied. I do not have this problem with Bleachbit or Privacy Eraser!

Privacy Eraser, on the other hand, erases all the history without problem. I have all of them installed and kept updated. And every time I want to shut down my PC, I use just one of them to clean up while the system is disconnected from the Internet.

This is why CCleaner is old news. I stopped using CCleaner when their production server got hijacked and a backdoor was packed with CCleaner with their own signing key. I personally use BleachBit for Windows and Linux.

You can still get the custom cleaners with it as it will download the winapp2. And so on and so forth. I only remember in these last years privacy, security or advertising issues and new tools not very useful in my opinion : Software Updater and Easy Clean Mode. Never used both.

And now just what we needed, a new browser! I still use CCleaner compared to other programs, but sometimes I monitor the changelogs of competitors. CCleaner Browser : whaaat? You mean, I am supposed to entrust my browsing — wait!

I refresh my Windows 8. I did a forced uninstall of the three separate programs technically, malware and proceeded to an earlier restore point. Needless to say, I was not happy. CC has devolved as scummy, greedy, program…. I never install programs that have portable versions. Installers have a lot of weird stuff stuck in them, some of them visible to the installer and deactivatable, others hidden. If there is a portable version, use it. Some portable versions are stripped of important features of the main, installable version.

Some others have drawbacks of their own. Vera Crypt, no less, is one of those. I just installed it. I tried both versions, and studied the relevant help. You should not use Vera Crypt portable version unless you need the real portability that comes with it, i. The correct way to do it is to always use it under a non-admin account, and only elevate rights when you cannot do otherwise. Open source is good, and so on and so forth. Had to be firewalled to contain them.

If you are going to offer advice that may affect the actions of others, please at least proof-read first? They would be better off stopping that practice, taking their users seriously, and offer their browser as a standalone version with a better name. People generally do not want to be tricked into using programs, so this will backfire. But the browser looks quite good.

So people who want to have their software controlled by scammy security companies, of which there are apparently many, will probably use it without being forced to. Glary Pro has a giveaway now—lifetime license that usually updates with versions, so one is always using the latest Pro version:. I downloaded Glarysoft, but now it wants me to pay and basically set up an account like you said Ashampoo requires.

So how do I do the activation with the info you provided? I guess it helps to open the program and look around. Are you clicking the Activate Button? The orangish rectangle, lower left. Ashampoo WinOptimizer Pro—no not free. I rarely use the program. I clicked on the Glary Utilities 5 desktop icon, and the main panel opened.

I guess everything is in sync except the License Name. There are several WinOptimizer products. Then go through the process by first clicking the Activate. The program does offer some different tools. Who knows:.

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